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How We Dominate Your Brand


Due Diligence

Authentic auditing and exploratory work. We don’t take the piss. This is a true and thorough understanding of the business, the context and the entire online and digital infrastructure. Our analysis is what separates us from others doing SEO in Auckland.


Rebuilding Your SEO

No dark arts here. Our approach is to give you 100% full transparency with what we are going to do to your website and how we’re going to do it. Every step of the way. With business goals at the heart of our work, your SEO will be transformed.


Website Builds

We build modern, clean, high-performing Google-optimised sites on the best CMS platforms on the planet for businesses that can’t stand the sight of their old clunky, shitty performing sites. Or those businesses that don’t currently have one. 


SEO Growth &

Fix – Grow – Sustain. This is what we’re about. We’ll get you in a position to ensure your SEO continues long after we leave. Yeah, so this transparency thing is legit. It’s a new way to do SEO in Auckland.



Your Google domination has to be extensive and broad in its coverage. Paid search is not a one size fits all box and so the extent of your paid strategy will depend on your context. For us, it’s about cost efficiencies. And nailing it.


Maintain or

We’re not about clipping tickets. It’s about budgets and strategy. Leverage the work done with minimal investment or double-down on your online dominance and go next level with a dedicated SEO in Auckland.

No need to tell you how much we live and breathe this stuff. Our results tell you everything. For help with SEO in Auckland, it's time to change the game.


Work With You

Great search engine optimisation is always a partnership. You might have the best NZ SEO expert working on your website but if they work in a silo and not in tandem with your staff, the best content will never find its way out. Sure, the SEO expert can spin it for a wee while but ultimately it is a one-off and certainly not sustainable. Repeat the image of so-called-expert from another SEO in Auckland or wherever, clipping the ticket.

How we work with you is what defines us. We’re going to say it. We are bloody awesome to work with. In fact, you’ll like us so much; you’ll find it hard to not invite your favourite NZ SEO company to your work Christmas do.

So when we apply our search engine optimisation strategy to your business context, we make sure we teach you how and why we do things. We teach you about how best to use your various channels – we give you structure, we give you understanding, we give you best practice. And when your team start seeing some online wins on the board, that’s where the real magic begins.

To answer why we think our small team of experts and specialists are your best option for SEO in Auckland,


Case Studies

The Heating Company

One of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted home heating companies, The Heating Company is passionate about enabling New Zealand homeowners to build warm, dry, healthy homes for them and their families (or their tenants) at a price that’s more affordable than other products on the market. 

Moving away from their previous agency who had managed their SEO in Auckland was a big decision. 

In a very competitive sector, The Heating Company decided that the fastest and most cost-effective way to transform their business was to go from “not bad” to “domination” in the online space. Through word of mouth in search for the best SEO in Auckland, the rest they say is history. You won’t believe the results we achieved.

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SEO in Auckland
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panel heating1 View SERP
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The Bluestone Room

The function venue category is arguably one of the most competitive arenas in NZ, due to the sheer number of businesses fighting for visibility and cut-through. In addition to this context, the online space for anything to do with events, functions, weddings, etc. is dominated by multimedia online publications or industry aggregate sites.

The Bluestone Room is a unique hospitality business within the diverse Auckland F&B and Entertainment landscape. Operating as a bar, restaurant, and a function and conference facility nestled within a superbly-restored heritage building in Auckland’s Durham Lane, it was a true and literal hidden gem due to its off-the-main-street location.

The Bluestone Room decided that if they could raise online awareness of their functions offering, the rest would look after itself. Looking for industry specialisation with SEO in Auckland, they found us. Offering the most unique heritage location in the CBD, and armed with passionate SEO know-how, see what it means to dominate.

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SEO in Auckland
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functions Auckland1 View SERP
Auckland function1 View SERP
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Auckland function venues2 View SERP
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Enabling is one of NZ’s most experienced software solution providers and NZ’s leading business partner for Odoo and Sage Software – two of the largest business software vendors on the planet. For over 2 decades, Enabling has been building client-specific business management solutions for a diverse range of industries and sectors and representing some of NZ’s best-known companies and entities. 

Looking for expertise on SEO in Auckland, Enabling asked Dominate SEO to assist with their website rebuild and set them up with sustainable Google organic search visibility across the 2 core ERP software brands that they partnered with.

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SEO in Auckland
Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
Odoo ERP NZ1 View SERP
open source ERP NZ1 View SERP
Odoo implementation NZ1 View SERP
Sage Software NZ 1 View SERP
customise Sage 300 in NZ1 View SERP
business software specialists NZ1 View SERP
Enabling NZ1 View SERP
best Odoo partner NZ3 View SERP
Odoo consultants NZ 3 View SERP
ERP specialists in NZ3 View SERP
Odoo NZ4 View SERP
Odoo pricing NZ4 View SERP
Odoo enterprise NZ4 View SERP
Odoo support in NZ4 View SERP
Odoo customisations in NZ4 View SERP
Odoo partners NZ5 View SERP

The Cute Caravan Company

The Cute Caravan Company is a mobile bar hire company based in Auckland which at the time was a relatively new entrant to the mobile bar hire market. Targeting wedding events and functions which require a degree of X-factor, getting organic Google visibility represented the fastest way to boost awareness. 

As a new small business with minimal marketing spend, looking for help with SEO in Auckland can be challenging. Dominate SEO was asked to provide the most sustainable SEO rebuild of the existing site for the budget provisioned. The goal was to get the Cute Caravan offering, at the very least, on the consideration table and compete on Page 1 of Google against its competitors who all offered similar services.

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SEO in Auckland
Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
mobile bar for weddings in Auckland1 View SERP
best caravan bar for hire nz1 View SERP
mobile bar for events in Auckland1 View SERP
wedding bar hire Auckland2 View SERP
caravan bar Auckland2 View SERP
caravan bar hire Auckland2 View SERP
mobile bar hire Auckland3 View SERP
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caravan bar hire5 View SERP

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