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The Cute Caravan Company is a mobile bar hire company based in Auckland, a relatively new entrant to the mobile bar hire market. Targeting wedding events and functions which require a degree of X-factor, getting organic Google visibility represented the fastest way to boost awareness. As a new small business with minimal marketing spend, Dominate SEO was asked to provide the most sustainable SEO rebuild of the existing site for the budget provisioned. The goal was to get the Cute Caravan offering, at the very least, on the consideration table and compete on Page 1 of Google against its competitors who all offered similar services.

Cute Caravan Website


Cost-Efficient Brand Awareness

These days, when budgets are limited for a relatively new business, awareness out in the marketplace is typically generated through social media channels. That’s all good and well, especially if you have a pretty massive social network you can tap into. To complement a low to zero-cost social strategy, we were able to give The Cute Caravan Company website a lite-SEO rebuild.

The aim here was not to dominate their Google space, but give the SEO infrastructure enough solidity to rank decently and therefore, put their business out there in the ether amongst their competition. Within 4 to 6 weeks, the fruits of thy labour began to bear fruit with most of the core target keywords ranking on Page 1 and 2 of Google. As is always the case with quality SEO work, the value to cost ratio is significantly higher given the work is done and paid for, while the gift keeps on giving and giving and giving.

Cute Caravan Company

Keywords Ranked

Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
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mobile bar for events in Auckland1 View SERP
wedding bar hire Auckland2 View SERP
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Day 1 of Project: 2 keywords ranked between positions #5 to #10 of Google. 15 keywords ranked from positions #50 and higher.

50 Days after Project Completion: 3 relevant keywords ranked #1 on Page 1 of Google, 12 relevant keywords in total ranked between #1 – 8 on Page 1 of Google.

Overall, at the 2-month date, our lite-SEO rebuild resulted in some amazing results for The Cute Caravan Company who were able to generate quick online visibility and awareness for their new business with an extremely modest budget.

Increase in Organic Traffic
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Relevant Keywords on Page 1

Short Term Solution

On-page and Technical SEO

In a space with a handful of same-same competitors and offerings, the key to generate quick SEO wins (factoring in a small budget) was identifying the most highly used search phrases and then strategising which would provide the client with the easiest opportunities to rank well. With a lite rebuild, it was important to give the site broad (but not extensive) SEO coverage, focusing the important detail on a couple of the site’s most important pages. For anyone looking at hiring mobile/caravan bars for an event and surveying their options online, the short-term SEO results has allowed the client to get invited to the dance and land on the consideration table. 

Cute Caravan

Long Term Solution

Creating a Better User Experience

Aside from ensuring all the basics are covered in terms of best practice user experience, we felt it was important to give the caravan company site as much individual personality as possible. Not just to convey the sense of fun which is a big part of the product and service on offer, but also to try and separate the business from its competition – whose websites portrayed a more corporate tone. On-page, we created “personality” in a variety of ways and laid a platform for the client to continue to build on that personality if they chose to pursue online dominance down the road.

The Cute Caravan Company

Key Challenge

Small and Limited Budgets

Budgets can be a challenge. But not for us. In this case, the client had recently acquired the business, with little to no funds available for marketing spend. But there’s always something you can do from an online perspective, so the challenge was to ensure maximum bang for buck with what spend the client could afford. This meant providing crystal clear expectations from the outset of what could be and couldn’t be achieved. Awareness and putting yourself on the map is always a step in the right direction. Getting the foundations right also allowed the client to notch it up, if and when, they decided it was time to propel their growth.

The Client

Over last Summer, we were able to generate some business from the limited scope and budget we gave Chuck and the Dominate team. We know what they can do so when we’re in a position to be able to do more, they’ll be right alongside us.

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