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Enabling is one of NZ’s most experienced software solution providers and NZ’s leading business partner for Odoo and Sage Software – two of the largest business software vendors on the planet. For over 2 decades, Enabling has been building client-specific business management solutions for a diverse range of industries and sectors and representing some of NZ’s best-known companies and entities.

Enabling asked Dominate SEO to assist with their website rebuild and set them up with sustainable Google organic search visibility across the 2 core ERP software brands that they partnered with.

Enabling Website


Local Brand Domination

In a low-interest online search category (ERP business software), performance needed to be gauged differently to charting performance through unique organic visitor numbers.

With a new global software brand recently entering the NZ market and a small pool of companies who were licensed to sell it, the client was keen to ensure that they dominated rankings as much as possible for all related keywords for the new brand. In this case, results meant wide keyword coverage with Page 1 Top 5 ranking positions.

When the global brand awareness for this software began to filter through to local brand awareness, a small niche audience would begin to search for it. By being able to gain the online ascendancy, Enabling would be able to position itself as the leading partner and supplier in New Zealand from the get-go and without significant brand awareness spend.

enabling SERP

Keywords Ranked

Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
Odoo ERP NZ1 View SERP
open source ERP NZ1 View SERP
Odoo implementation NZ1 View SERP
Sage Software NZ 1 View SERP
customise Sage 300 in NZ1 View SERP
business software specialists NZ1 View SERP
Enabling NZ1 View SERP
best Odoo partner NZ3 View SERP
Odoo consultants NZ 3 View SERP
ERP specialists in NZ3 View SERP
Odoo NZ4 View SERP
Odoo pricing NZ4 View SERP
Odoo enterprise NZ4 View SERP
Odoo support in NZ4 View SERP
Odoo customisations in NZ4 View SERP
Odoo partners NZ5 View SERP


Day 1 of Project: 0 keywords ranked on Pages 1 to 4 of Google. 25 keywords ranked from #30 and above.

90 Days after Project Completion: 11 relevant keywords ranked at position #1 on Page 1 of Google, 30 relevant keywords in total ranked between positions #1 – 5 on Page 1 of Google.

Overall, at the 3-month date, our SEO rebuild resulted in some amazing results for Enabling which converted into a sustainable lead engine for the client.

Keywords in Page 1

Short Term Solution

On-page and Technical SEO

The ERP business software sector is a pretty vanilla marketplace. Whether it’s the website, the marketing spiel, or the very boring twitter or linkedin social media postings – from consultants to resellers, it’s all very same-same with not a lot to differentiate viable options to the all-important potential business lead.

So it was important to create a different proposition for site visitors through the on-page content – in this case, a real focus on people as opposed to product. This was done through the use of a series of short videos scattered strategically across the site which centred on the people behind the success of their clients’ software. It was this focus which gave the website new-found clarity and an SEO-edge against its competitors.

Enabling NZ
Enabling NZ

Long Term Solution

Creating a Better User Experience

It’s important when you’re attempting to redesign a user experience for a website to be realistic and honest with the process. That means, truly putting yourself in the potential prospect’s shoes. In the business software world, there are two types of sites out there. There’s the vendor brand site – for example Microsoft or Oracle. Then there’s the partner sites (i.e. software consultants / resellers / distributors). So here’s the thing.

Visitors to a partner site don’t care too much for product detail. They can get that from the vendor site. And most likely, they already have. What they are really there for is a reason to use that partner for their software implementation over another company. And therein lies the key to victory.

By producing short videos of the team behind the implementation answering questions, we could generate some personality and differentiation which would hold them in good stead over the long term.

Enabling NZ

Ring Fencing The Right Audience

Along with the right software and the right people, we needed to ensure we chose the right industries to target which would benefit Enabling over the long term. Being selective and strategic was key here. The content produced for these verticals was intentionally precise and simple. From an SEO perspective, with the initial groundwork laid, we’ve been able to give the client a solid base to potentially springboard off down the line, if and when, they choose to take more steps into the online marketplace. 

Key Challenge

Being Succinct

Software marketers have a hard task by nature. The truth is, nobody cares about the spin. Users just want to know that the software works and it does what it says it does. So with optimised Google-friendly content, there is a fine balance between producing enough content and keeping things short, simple and to the point. Being succinct we felt was key to creating a better user experience which Google has rewarded through the page ranking results achieved since the completion of the site.

The Client

We couldn’t be happier with how it all worked out. The site looks great, but more importantly the visibility on Google which we didn’t have previously has given our business an opportunity for continued growth.

Andrew Tesler

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