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Mega-Catch is an online webstore selling high quality mosquito traps and related accessories, sold globally but predominantly across North America.

As one of the largest mosquito trap vendors in the world, Mega-Catch asked Dominate SEO to futureproof the business by building a new website with a new ecommerce engine and to improve its search rankings and visibility – specifically with its competition in mind.

Mega Catch Website


Higher Conversion Rates

3 months from the date we went live with the new Mega-Catch website, a couple of interesting trends came out of our analytics data. Site visitation in general, compared to the previous incarnation of the website was lower.

This was in part due to the site launching at the start of the COVID pandemic in the US, in part to the site shifting to a new website platform, and also in part due to the on-page SEO changes we made. The latter being content that was designed to showcase the premium quality of the products offered. By emphasising this, one of the core objectives was to reduce the number of people coming to the site who were not looking to purchase products. Or alternatively, were looking for cheap mosquito traps.

Over the course of the North American Summer this year, sales swayed between YOY levels and an increase, which ultimately came down to higher conversion rates on the new website and getting the right people to the right parts of the site.

Keywords Ranked

Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
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how to stop a mosquito bite1 View SERP
get rid mosquito bites 1 View SERP
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Day 1 of Project: 3 relevant keywords ranked at position #1 on Page 1 of Google. 10 relevant keywords ranked from positions #1 to #10. 13 keywords ranked from positions #10 to #20.

90 Days after Project Completion: 6 relevant keywords ranked #1 on Page 1 of Google, 200 keywords in total ranked between positions #1 to #3 on Page 1 of Google.

Overall, at the 3-month date, our SEO rebuild resulted in some solid results for Mega-Catch which over time will generate sustainable search performance impact for the business.

0 %
Increase in Revenue
Keywords in Page 1

Short Term Solution

On-page and Technical SEO

One of the first big jobs with the build of the new site was to find a new ecommerce platform that could grow with the business and future-proof their online presence for the next 10 years. The platform the old site had been built on was old and outdated from a technology perspective.

Old and outdated equates to more cost when it comes to adding and changing so a move to global e-commerce player, BigCommerce was an important first step. 

The next major hurdle was to then upgrade a lot of their SEO infrastructure – this involved the addition and modification of the on-page content across the site, ensuring that the new site had a crystal clear focus on the type of customer they wanted on the site, and working through the back end to give the site everything needed for search performance success, now and into the future.

Mega Catch website

Google Adwords

Similar to our other clients, Mega-Catch had previously used an agency to help manage and implement a paid search strategy for the North American market. The outcome was one we see all too frequently. Lots of budget draining quicker than a leaky tap, not enough reactive campaign management, very little CTR and conversion success through lazy ad copy.

At the 4 week mark – the four primary campaigns we had set up were averaging a +10% CTR and a 9% conversion rate in sales. The kicker here was that there was minimal daily spend for the client, and what spend there was, was efficiently being used producing more eyes and visits to the site.

What this meant for the client was that any slowdown in visitation after making wholesale changes to a website could be mitigated at a minimal cost through the difference smart paid search can make in the short term. A good sound cost-effective strategy in this case for Mega-Catch.

Long Term Solution

Creating a Better User Experience

The pre-existing website at its core was good enough to do a job but ultimately not good enough to provide a better user experience than some of Mega-Catch’s main competitors in North America.

To do this, a new site on a more modern e-commerce platform would allow the client the opportunity to redesign the site aesthetically,  improve page content, speed up page load times and simplify the site navigation and category structure.

To future-proof the site, the basics needed to be adhered to first  and as a by-product, users would immediately have a better experience on the website than was the case before.

Mega Catch
Mega-Catch mosquito trap

Optimising at a Product Level

Ecommerce sites are a different beast by nature compared to your generic business website. From an SEO perspective, one of the on-page and technical areas that is quite often neglected or done shoddily is the Product Catalogue. Sometimes it’s just a case of pure bandwidth.

Some sites will have thousands of products and it is a massive feat to optimise each and every webpage to the same level of detail and best-practice required to a much smaller website with only a few pages to optimise.

As we so often say to clients, great SEO isn’t rocket science. Anyone can go online and read a multitude of blogs to try and optimise their own sites using the latest do-it-yourself SEO checklists. It is on the other hand, all about hard work. And spending the time required to do it properly.

For the Mega-Catch site, with a reasonable number of products in its catalogue, we spent many hours working through the items, optimising each one and setting up the site for sustainable search performance success for the long term.

Key Challenge

Removing the SEO Gunk

Big sites like Mega-Catch have a lot of SEO gunk that has built up over time. Identified in our SEO audit, the list of on-page and technical issues that Google was penalising the site for, was also severely impacting on its ability to rank higher and better in its category. This included things ranging from fixing up a multitude of 404s and creating redirects through to identifying duplicate meta data across the website. 

So in the immediate short-term, resolving these issues was the first port of call. Once resolved and for the most part, cleared up. We were then able to focus on the redesign and SEO upgrade which over time would accelerate search performance growth given the clear path and removal of the gunk.

The Client

We’re still relatively early with the impact of the work that Chuck and Dominate have done for us, but we’re in a good place, and given the context of this year what with COVID affecting the US economy, since the launch of the new site in June, we’re doing pretty good considering.

Daniel Telfer
Managing Director, Mega-Catch
Daniel Telfer

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