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Good SEO is like good software. You don’t care too much about how it works. You just want it to work. But for SEO to work, the interpretation of what is deemed as a good result is fairly broad across agencies, consultants, and marketing professionals. 

Let’s be blunt. With SEO results, we live and die by the performance of your target keywords and page rankings. But let’s be even blunter. For us, results in the SEO world are a case of go big and go hard. First base is getting on Page 1 of Google. Second and third base is ideally being in the top 3 positions, with the aim of hitting position 1. The home run is only meaningful though where the target keyword is relevant (to the webpage) and has good to great search volume relative to the category. In simple English, if no one is using your keyword phrase and searching for it, then what’s the point?

For businesses of course, rankings are great but ultimately they must lead to greater site visitation, better conversion rates and an increase in business performance – whether that means revenue, bookings, awareness data, social media gains, or whatever. For us, our commitment to your business performance never ends. Just like with our clients below with our detailed SEO case studies.

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How Cute Caravan Achieved 350% More Organic Traffic

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You’re in Good Hands

The gist of what we’re trying to say across all 3 services is that we’re always taking the next step. You see, we create more than just websites or successful SEO structures, as seen in our SEO case studies. We commit and work our asses off to develop complete solutions (online and offline) that grow your business as it relates to your digital presence. It’s in our team composition – the right blend of business ownership and experience with marketing expertise and technical passion. Your website is an essential part of your business strategy but it’s the total integrated solution you’re looking for that will increase your (brand) awareness, create great customer relationships through superior customer experience, and boost your conversion rate.

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