SEO never stops. So don’t rest on your laurels.

SEO Maintenance

The online game is real. The competition changes quickly. It’s not just you doing SEO – your competitors are too.

Keep Your Site Optimized

SEO maintenance is an ongoing process of keeping your site SEO friendly. This includes weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks that includes monitoring your technical SEO to updating old site contents.

We’ve been on the other side of this. As business owners, one of the things we used to say, and what we still hear out there in the business sector, is why should we bother doing SEO maintenance? On one hand, what is the actual point of it? On the other, all we hear about SEO maintenance is how it’s just a massive churn on the monthly budget for no real progress.

We’ve seen it first hand. Consultants and agencies who are supposedly doing SEO maintenance and clip the ticket. It’s easy to do when the client doesn’t really understand what they’re doing. Newsflash! If you can’t make someone accountable, you’ll most likely get clipped.

SEO maintenance
SEO maintenance

Transparency at Work

At Dominate SEO, there’s no fluffy stuff. Teaching you is part of the reason you’ll be successful online. It’s also the reason you’ll be able to work with us with confidence. When you know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it, it’s a win-win. We win because there’s nothing better than a client who has web buy-in (and understands the importance of being pro-active as opposed to defensive). You win because you know what you’re paying for from month to month and can justify its value. 

As far as responding to the “what’s the actual point?” question, here are some reasons why your site needs SEO maintenance:

Search Engine Results are Ever-Changing

If ever you hit the first page of the Google Search Engine Results page, that's great! Landing on the top 5 sites would even sound better. But that is not a permanent thing. Just like your business can take a number-one ranking from a competitor, someone else can take yours. You will always need to work to maintain your rankings, which is where SEO maintenance becomes useful.

Search Engine Algorithms are Always Updating

The algorithms that power search engines and rankings undergo continuous updates. Google, for example, launches thousands of algorithm improvements each year. These updates can range from small tweaks to massive updates that influence your SEO strategy. As part of your SEO maintenance, we can either be defensive (react and act) or we can be pro-active (research, predict then act).

Your Competitors' Websites are Doing SEO Maintenance Too

Nothing stands still. Especially in the world of search engine optimisation. If you're not moving up the rankings, then someone else will be. Not only is Google ever-evolving, but your competition too. Some will still be doing the bare minimum but others will be active on the SEO front. You want our 10 cents? Don't let someone else take your spot that you've paid good money to invest in. Front-foot it and keep the SEO humming.



Technical and on-page SEO auditing and benchmarking analysis (in short – working out what needs improving as per your business goals)


Fix Emerging

Actioning changes that are urgently needed based on the performance data that you’ve been tracking and benchmarking.


Monitor Competitors
& React

Actioning changes needed based on the SEO moves your competitors make. Could be defensive or offensive, but react you must.


Add or Rehash

Creating new optimised content from scratch or by rewriting existing content to reinforce the original (or new) keyword strategy.

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