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One of New Zealand’s largest and most trusted home heating companies, The Heating Company is passionate about enabling New Zealand homeowners to build warm, dry, healthy homes for them and their families (or their tenants) at a price that’s more affordable than other products on the market. In a very competitive sector, The Heating Company decided that the fastest and most cost-effective way to transform their business was to go from “not bad” to “domination” in the online space. The rest they say is history. You won’t believe the results we achieved.

The Heating Company Website


Increased Traffic

6 months from the date of our initial meeting with The Heating Company to discuss how we would go about improving their online presence in NZ, and 3 months post-implementation, this client has seen a 100% increase in their organic website visitors per month. Specifically, going from 2000 to 4000 visitors per month. FYI – it’s still climbing.

Case Study

Keywords Ranked

Top Relevant KeywordsGoogle (NZ) RankVerify
panel heating1 View SERP
wall mounted heater1 View SERP
underfloor heater1 View SERP
heat recovery ventilation1 View SERP
floor heater1 View SERP
outdoor heater patio1 View SERP
underfloor heating Auckland1 View SERP
heater outdoor1 View SERP
heat recovery extractor fan1 View SERP
hotwire underfloor heating NZ1 View SERP
electric panel heaters1 View SERP
undertile heating2 View SERP
heat ventilation nz3 View SERP


Day 1 of Project: 5 keywords ranked between #1 to #5 on Page 1 of Google.

90 Days after Project Completion: 51 relevant keywords ranked at position #1 on Page 1 of Google, 143 relevant keywords in total ranked between positions #1 – 3 on Page 1 of Google.

Overall, at the 3-month date, our SEO rebuild resulted in some amazing results for The Heating Company.

Increase in Organic Traffic
0 %
Increase in Revenue
0 %
Keywords in Page 1

Short Term Solution

On-page and Technical SEO

Here’s the deal. This website is a big site with a lot of pages. And even though there were a whole heap of SEO issues across this very large site, one of our philosophies with our approach is to get the biggest gains sorted first to help generate a quicker ROI for our clients.

So our due diligence identified a couple of big ticket items which if rectified would make a massive difference with the site’s Google visibility. One was the distinct lack of metadata across the site. The other was the lack of keyword focus in the on-page content across the site’s core searchable pages.

Make no mistake about it – to do a genuine job (and not a token one) across both of these areas covering every page of this site took significant effort to achieve. One month into the project, we were already seeing a big lift in results. And they haven’t stopped since.

The Heating Company SEO

Google Adwords

The client had previously used paid search relatively unsuccessfully. This is a well-worn story we hear from many of our customers who have been given bad advice and who have had inexperienced marketers (whether as independent consultants or as part of an agency) manage their paid search strategy. After our due diligence had been conducted, the prognosis was smacking us in the face. As per usual, it hadn’t been done properly and had been terribly managed with no considered thought as to budgets relative to true demand.

Although reluctant, the client agreed to revive their paid search with a new revised and far-more-streamlined Adwords campaign that we designed, produced and managed with a much smaller budget that we strongly advised on.

At the 4 week mark – the two primary campaigns we had set up which focused on service areas of their business which needed more awareness were averaging a +10% CTR and a 7% conversion rate in sales. In this case, more eyes and visits to the site immediately, at a minimal cost and which wouldn’t have happened had we not shown them the difference smart paid search can make in the short term.

Long Term Solution

The Heating Company Website

Creating a Better User Experience

The website was functional but lacked finesse in regards to simple things which would enhance the user experience. Whether it was improving page layouts, adding more visuals, speeding up page load times, simplifying the site navigation and category structure or just designing a better flow from the home page to the rest of the site, we were confident that if we could put effort into these areas, users would have a better experience on the website.

Upgrading the Content

Most of the content on the original website was fairly standard and one-tone. So over the course of the entire project, we developed a strategy to broaden the types of content users could acquire information from. In some cases, that meant rehashing existing content and converting it into infographics. In some cases it meant adding images to give better context to technical information.

We also spent time re-using old blog content and updating it with a fresh new spin. Old radio interviews were converted into blog posts providing users with the audio recording to listen to or converted transcripts to read through. By upgrading the site content, we were ensuring that over the long term, the positive SEO impact would be sustainable.

The Heating Company Website


Turning Water Into Wine

With experienced and knowledgeable staff who were incredible knowledge-repositories, our biggest challenge was showing them the value of good, user-friendly content to a site. 

By doing so and showing them small SEO wins with content they themselves had contributed to, we were able to generate buy-in to what we doing and as a result, bring out a lot of the knowledge sitting inside their heads and turning it into high value SEO content.

The Client

Dominate SEO has literally transformed our business. The value we got back from our project investment is still multiplying.

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