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Conquering the Digital Space

So this is where we change things up a bit. Dominate SEO is an SEO agency built by business owners first, marketers second. We’ve been on the other side of the fence. We know how it is. You want transformation. You want results. You also want transparency and clarity. Most of all though, you want to see hard mahi. This we can do.

You see, there is no magic formula or secret algorithm that we know and others don’t. Conquering the digital space simply comes down to hard mahi. So if you’re up for it, so are we. 

Core Values

This is our Why. Why we started this business. Why we do what we do.


Ever had a catch-up WIP meeting with your agency where they roll through a mindlessly boring agenda, reading each item word for word, and casting praise on their own vague, ambiguous digital activities? Yeah, that’s not us. 

The lack of transparency amongst the marketing and digital sector is a well-worn tale

We want your trust. And to gain that, we know it is all about being real. Sometimes being real means more of the bad than the good, but that’s ok, because we know we’ll win the long game. Clarity, simplicity, and openness are at the heart of how we approach our own internal team development and relationships. And if it’s good enough for them, then it’s certainly good enough for our clients.

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To us, professionalism means that if you pay us to fulfill a goal, then we will bust our ass to ensure you get what you pay for. We’ve been on the other side of the fence as the client. What we want to see from the service provider is that they’re working just as hard on the business, as we are.

So, how will you gauge our professionalism? Simple, because compared to all the other SEO players out there, we’ll work harder, we’ll be more committed to the cause, and we’ll genuinely be fully immersed in the intricacies of your business. No more token shit.


We’ve said this more than once or twice on our site but our SEO approach is not about securing long retainer-type setups where the goalposts regularly shift. Respect for the client means that we get the job done, as fast as we can, and as cost-effective for you as possible. There’s no BS, we go in, we nail the brief, we go out. And then we leave the decision as to what the future looks like and whether that continues to involve Dominate SEO, to you.

Respect also extends to how we educate you around what we are working on and why we are working on it. Talking in simple, non-technical language is designed to maximise understanding, but also allows for faster learning and accountability.

Meet the Team Graphic

Meet the Team

Unlike other agencies, when we work for you, we are literally all-in. You get the A-Team each and every minute of your project. 


Founder and Biz Dev Boss

Richard Adams tells it like it is. You might not always like it, but that’s how he builds trust. What you don’t get in most digital project teams is the person who speaks like you and understands technology like you. That’s Rich. And whether it’s talking to potential businesses who may need help, or clients who need a 3rd voice experienced in business growth, Rich is your man. He also loves whisky. And dogs.


Web Designer

Carl Enriquez is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Just as well then that he’s also incredibly talented in the web space and works for us. With a knack for making things look amazing on screen and putting great readable content together, you’ll want to keep Carl on your team forever. But you can’t because he’s ours. We don’t know what he likes as he likes his privacy, our Carl, but taking a stab at it, pretty sure he is into his music and Roast Pork.


Web Developer & Systems Administrator Specialist

Undoubtedly, with the coolest name in the SEO industry, Shakespeare Calibo is our very own Keith Richards. Wearing many-a-hat, including being a Professor of the Web, Shakes works to ensure all the technical stuff happens which most people have no idea about. Like Carl, our man Shakes also has a great eye for design, producing work that Google salivates over. Big fan of muscle shakes and cocktails

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